Unique carbon industry expertise

Raphael (Raf) Wood, Managing Director of Market Advisory Group has a unique work experience which spans all aspects of the Australian carbon market, from liable entities, financial markets, government policy and carbon project development. It is a career which places him as the most uniquely qualified independent carbon and environmental market advisors in Australia.

Mining sector and liable entity expertise

Raf worked as an exploration and mine geologist in the Coal, CSG and base metals sector for 5 years in the late 90’s. During this time, he gained relevant experience in ore reserve calculation, environmental impacts, corporate governance and project risks enabling him to advise liable entities on managing their carbon procurement needs.

Stockbroker and portfolio manager

Moving into a role as a stockbroker, commodities trader and portfolio manager, Raf advised private clients and institutional investors on the full range of investment products from cash to derivatives. Over 11 years, Raf gained a deep understanding of financial market fundamentals, portfolio acquisition and hedging.

Government and policy

Turning to government regulated environmental markets in 2010, Raf advised the federal government on the splitting of the RET into the large (LRET) and small-scale (SRES) schemes. Liaising with banks, traders and brokers, Raf provided an unprecedented conduit between government and environmental markets. Working on the design and implementation of the Carbon Pricing Mechanism in 2011 and the Emissions Reduction Fund in 2013, Raf has an unparalleled insight into regulated environmental markets in Australia and a deep understanding of the supply and demand fundamental of the market.

  • As Head of Markets at the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), Raf was considered by many as ‘the face’ of the CER, running and facilitating numerous outreaches and training workshops for the industry. In that role, Raf was a mainstay panelist on industry workshops and roadshows around the country.
  • Raf was also an integral member part of the ERF Implementation Taskforce, which designed and implemented the various methodologies, auction processes, contracting and guidance material for Carbon Farming practitioners and landholders, including state and territory stakeholders.
  • Outside of the CER, his understanding of the administration and machinations of  the administration of carbon policy in Australia is unmatched.

Carbon markets and project development

As head of Environmental Markets for Australia’s largest Carbon Farming project developer and aggregator, GreenCollar, Raf gained intimate knowledge of the carbon farming industry, carbon markets and development of carbon farming projects. During his 2.5 years in the market, Raf gained unique insights into the supply and demand dynamics, industry players and counterparties in the market.

  • As Co-Chair of the Carbon Project Developers Council (CPDC), Raf drove the establishment of the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, which involved an intimate knowledge of the best and worst practices in the carbon farming industry and the complexities of native title engagement. Chairing the CPDC and negotiating the Code put him in a position to know and understand the business model of most carbon farming project developers and service providers.