Carbon Monthly

Accurate carbon market intel at your fingertips

The carbon market is rapidly changing as government policy evolves and businesses seek to get ahead in a low carbon economy. It can be hard to know what action to take and become overwhelmed by the volume of information that needs to be digested.

The Market Advisory group provides expert advice about the Australian and international carbon markets that can not be accessed anywhere else. It provides businesses with the competitive edge they need to understand this emerging area of the economy.

Independent, expert carbon market advice

Keeping up to date on the latest carbon market movements is made easier with the new Carbon Monthly subscription service from Market Advisory Group. It’s specifically designed to give your business clear, actionable insights into the latest Australian carbon market developments.

Each month you will receive:

  • Domestic Australian carbon credit units (ACCU) spot price updates and commentary on volume, volatility, trends and the impact on procurement strategies.
  • Updates on global emissions markets and National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) compliance forecasts.
    • Analysis and commentary on price and volume movements in NCOS compliant international units.
  • Best in the market, ground up, long-run marginal cost curves by method type.
    • Get access to best in industry, up to date view of long-run cost of abatement and potential volume by method type.
  • Domestic policy updates and the potential impacts on the carbon market.
  • Monthly ‘deep dive’ on carbon topics, with reference to policy changes or global events.

Invest in your low carbon future

A 12-month subscription to Market Advisory Group’s Carbon Monthly is available for $800 per month. The subscription also includes two hours of analysts time each month to discuss the insights in more detail and its relevance to your organisation’s proposed carbon strategies.

Prepare for the future with lessons from the past – The Australian Carbon Market Fundamental Report

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Australian carbon market, the Market Advisory Group recently released The Australian Carbon Market Fundamental Report – 2019. This market leading report outlines the Australian market fundamentals, including supply and demand forecasts, constraints and baseline assumptions as well as the resulting forward price estimates.

This is a foundation document that the Carbon Monthly builds upon with timely updates.

The Australian Carbon Market Fundamental Report – 2019 is available bundled with Carbon Monthly or alternatively, access the report by itself. Speak to the team for details and pricing.